Tommy - Room 229 (pt. 2)

- Part 1

Three and a half hours passed and there was no sign of Kyle. I moved back and forth from the bed to the peephole to the floor against the door and back again. I’m not a patient person by nature and this was no exception. I knew that with limited food supply and a growing curiosity, if nothing were to change, I would be venturing out myself. I kept trying 911 and flipping channels on the Television. The line was busy and the picture was snow. I tried calling a few people from my cell phone. No answers and the long distances numbers presented: We’re sorry the number you have dialed blah blah blah messages.

I felt confused, like I was late to a horror movie and no one in the audience would fill me it. Soon, I supposed, I would be a part of that horror film. I made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and had the last glass of milk while plotting my next step, or steps. I walked to the window to take a look at nothing. The hotel was nestled just outside civilization on the edge of a heavily wooded area. The view outside my room reflected such.

I laid on my bed and let my mind wonder. What happened to Kyle? Why haven’t I heard any noises? From anywhere? Why is 911 busy? What is happening? Am I going to die in this hotel? A noise broke my concentration. It sounded like someone running down the hallway at full speed. I rolled out of bed and zoomed to the door. My eye closed in on the peephole, again, nothing. I was surrounded by nothing. Nothing outside and nothing inside. Yet, I was still afraid to leave my room.

I had fallen asleep. I’m not very clear as to when, but it was around 7:30 a.m. when I woke up. It only took a matter of moments for the memories of the previous night to flood my mind. The rancid smell, which had grown stronger, had helped. I had to leave. I walked over to the window again to get a look at nothing in the daylight. All I saw were trees. However, as I started to turn away, something caught my eye.

My car was scraped up on the passenger side. Even though my car was a piece of junk, it wasn’t green. Between the blemishes of missing paint and dents, there were obvious markings of green paint. Kyle’s green pickup was parked next to me if I remembered correctly. He must have left in an extreme hurry.

I walked into the bathroom to relieve myself but, when I flicked the light switch I didn’t receive the known response. The power was out. The little bit of food in the refrigerator was on its way to spoiling. The hotel phone was not working and my phone only had about a half a day’s charge. I knew I only had one option, to leave.

The thought of anything outside my safe hotel room seemed less frightening in the daylight and after some time had passed. I got dressed. I gathered my essentials and grabbed a granola bar. As I walked to the door, I remembered how Kyle snatched his knives up. I didn’t own any weapons. I toyed with the thought of how Kyle’s probably didn’t serve him much considering that bastard slammed into my car in a hurry to escape.

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. My trembling hands unlocked the door. I grasped the handle with my sweaty palm and turned it. I felt my heart thump like a heavy bass drum. I clenched my teeth and swallowed my fear. I opened the door about two inches and slammed it back. My breathing was elevated and my hand was slightly trembling. I started again. I made it outside my door. It was eerily silent. I heard the door close behind me. I paused for a moment, and then headed down the hallway to the stairwell.